Cheese scones

Year 4 and 5 applied their measurement skills in maths to baking, successfully interpreting the ingredients list and measurement they had to use. They...

Star baker in baking club

A new club was set up this half term and has been a great success. Some very tasty treats have been made both savoury...
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The history of chocolate

Miss McMain’s Mice have been researching some really interesting facts about the history of chocolate. I think we have a lot to thank the...

Many happy memories at East Barnby

And so, the Year 6 residential visit to East Barnby comes to an end. Here are some of the best moments we’ve shared. A...

Skiing at East Barnby

Year 6 have been skiing this morning. A lot of time was spent on the floor to begin with but now we are giving...

Our penultimate day at East Barnby

Today, we’ve been braving the cold temperatures of the North Sea doing some body boarding (don’t worry we had wetsuits on). We also learned...

Fabulous Year 4s at Marrick Priory

What a wonderful few days we have had at Marrick Priory. The children have been brilliant, challenging themselves and taking part in the activities...

Day 3 at East Barnby

The fun continues on this action packed residential. Check out these pictures from an awesome day canoeing and exploring the sea shore.

More Rock Climbing at East Barnby

Year 6 had an amazing time rock climbing this afternoon. Erin, Mason and Wesley even got to the top and touched the ceiling!